ADDWel Blacklight Mushroom Tapestry Review: The Trippiest Tapestry for Aest

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Looking for a tapestry that will light up your dorm room? Look no further than the ADDWel Blacklight Mushroom Tapestry! This fantastic upright tapestry will glow in the dark and react to UV black light, making it the perfect wall hanging for backdrop bedroom dorm living room decor, or even for a beach throw or picnic blanket.

Not only does it look amazing under blacklight, but the super soft lightweight polyester fabric is also free of any strange odor and toxic materials. Plus, with its advanced HD printing technology, you can be sure that the vivid colors and crisp lines will stay looking fresh and clear. Just make sure to wash it by machine or hand in cold water and iron at low temperature (but please, no bleach!).

This tapestry comes in multiple sizes (ranging from small to x-large) and includes hanging clips, hooks, and tape so you can easily hang it up wherever you want. And let's be real, this tapestry is perfect for anyone who loves mushrooms, trippy designs, or just wants to add some fun and color to their dorm aesthetic.

- Unique trippy mushroom design that lights up under blacklight
- Made of super soft lightweight polyester fabric
- Advanced HD printing technology for clear and crisp lines
- Comes with hanging clips, hooks, and tape for easy installation

- Only one design option (Trippy Mushroom)

Overall, the ADDWel Blacklight Mushroom Tapestry is a great addition to any dorm room or living space. With its vibrant colors and unique design, it's sure to brighten up your day (and night!) and give you that happy mood boost you need. So if you're looking to add some fun and trippy decor to your room, this tapestry is definitely worth the buy.

Bottom Line: Trippy design, vibrant colors, and UV-reactive properties make the ADDWel Blacklight Mushroom Tapestry a must-have for anyone who wants to add some fun and personality to their living space. Rating: 9/10.

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