Power Up Your Life with TESSAN's Power Strip Surge Protector!

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Are you tired of constantly unplugging and re-plugging your devices to make room for others? Do you want a charging station that can handle all your gadgets and more? Look no further than the TESSAN Power Strip Surge Protector!

With 9 outlets and 3 USB ports, this power strip can handle all your charging needs. Plus, the 6.5 ft extension cord gives you plenty of room to maneuver. And if you're worried about overloading, don't be! The 1050J surge protection will keep your devices safe from power spikes.

This power strip is perfect for anyone who needs to charge multiple devices at once. Whether you're a college student with a laptop, phone, and tablet, or an office worker with a desktop, lamp, and fan, this power strip has got you covered. And with its sleek design and mountable feature, it won't take up too much space on your desk or wall.

- 9 outlets and 3 USB ports
- 1050J surge protection
- 6.5 ft extension cord
- Mountable design
- Sleek and modern look

- Only available in black (sorry, color enthusiasts!)
- No on/off switch for individual outlets

Overall, the TESSAN Power Strip Surge Protector is a great investment for anyone who needs to charge multiple devices at once. Its surge protection and mountable design make it a safe and convenient choice for any home or office. So go ahead, power up your life with TESSAN!

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