"College Dorm Hacks: How to Make Your Space Work for You"

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"College Dorm Hacks: How to Make Your Space Work for You"

As a college student, your dorm room is your new home away from home. But with small spaces and a limited budget, it can be tough to find ways to make it work for you. That's where these two products come in - the Laundry Backpack and iPrimio Aluminum Bed Risers.

First up, the Laundry Backpack. As a transfer admission planner, I know how important it is to make the most of your space - and this backpack definitely delivers. It's versatile, easy to carry, and won't break the bank. Plus, it's a great solution for those who have to lug their laundry to a communal laundry room. No more struggling with a heavy basket - just throw everything in the backpack and go.

Next, let's talk about the iPrimio Aluminum Bed Risers. These are a game-changer when it comes to dorm living. They raise your bed and give you so much extra storage space. As someone who has lived in both a suite style dorm and a traditional dorm, I can tell you that this makes a HUGE difference. Whether you're filling out a federal student aid application or just trying to make your space work for you, these risers are a must-have. Plus, they look pretty cool, too.

In addition to these two products, there are plenty of other hacks and tips you can use to make your dorm room work for you. Consider investing in storage containers, a hanging shoe rack, and a bed caddy for your phone, laptop, and other essentials. And don't forget to take advantage of free application week if your school offers it!

At the end of the day, dorm living can be tough. But with a little creativity and some handy products like the Laundry Backpack and iPrimio Aluminum Bed Risers, you can make it work for you. So go forth, college student, and make your space your own!

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